It was careful


Blue faded,

Black lines


And for the first time

In three years,

I could breathe.

Copyright © twotypesofink 2015


Eight Years Later

It’s hard to believe that eight years have passed since we lost you Seamie. Life has changed, the family has grown and to think that the youngest members will never know you is mind boggling. Not a day passes that we don’t think of you and wish you were here; at every family event there’s the unspoken thought that we wish you could be there, that we could share the day with you. The night we lost you we were sure the saying ‘time heals all wounds’ didn’t apply to us, we saw no end to our grief, but eight years on the healing process has started. The road ahead is by no means short, or easy but we’ve made a start. Wherever you are I hope you’re happy Uncle Seamie, love you and miss you.


My final day has arrived
Despite the many words
That never found their voices,
Forever locked away,
Hidden from sight, from sound.
But, for the ones that worked
And fought their way to life,
I’ve acknowledged each syllable
Of your cries
And tried to comfort you.
Today was for life,
For living,
And I accomplished that.

Copyright © twotypesofink 2014


No matter the highs
And lows
Nothing compares to
Today, to
Surrounded by family,
No questions regarding
Where you belong,
Just the sense of belonging
Putting the past eleven months
Firmly behind a shadow,
Nothing and no one
Is more important
Than today, than

Copyright © twotypesofink 2014


Hanging in a line they wait
For boxes and packages
Wrapped in unnoticed paper
And tied with bright bows
To arrive.
But come Christmas morning
And the tiny hands descend
Not a one will survive.

Copyright © twotypesofink 2014


Is Frosty, carefully sculpted
By liars,
Made in our image?
Black eyes of coal,
Showing one emotion
While a smile graces his face,
A contradiction we love,
And refuse to alter.

Copyright © twotypesofink 2014


I’ve given up
On planning
We always leave the chaos
And unsuccessful.
But not this time,
With luck and chance
We found common ground.

Copyright © twotypesofink 2014

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